Americas Focused

Nine thousand miles from north to south, a shared history of geographic isolation and the largest economic region in the world. We're all about the Americas Block. When we started out in the early 1990s, gross regional economic output measured $11 trillion, intra-regional affairs were at best disorganized, and Brazil and Mexico were just beginning their slow disentanglement from hyperinflation, one party rule & well-intentioned, yet dysfunctional import substitution policies. Today, the Americas Block is a $25 trillion market, fueled by robust cross-border capital investment, a rising middle class and socio-political alignment. There is no other region like it and it is our passion and our focus.


Public & Private
Real Assets


We've advised some of the largest investors in the Latin America real asset space, including both public and private asset allocation.


Americas Focused Index Development


We believe indexing strategies should provide unique access to markets and offer measurable benefits to global and local investors.

ETF Investing

Got an interesting ETF concept? Get in touch!

ETF Investing

We're an exchange traded fund sponsor. If you have an ETF concept and are looking to partner, get in touch with us. We love talking ETFs.


LARE Index

We created the LARE Index in 2015 and licensed it for the first LatAm Real Estate ETF


We are lead sponsor for this first-to-market ETF that listed in the US in late 2015.


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We've had a great time this year talking about Latin America real estate and why you don't have to pay high fees & lock up your capital to get non-correlated returns, income and growth.