The Firm

Tierra Partners is a private fund manager focused in the Americas region. Our principals have extensive experience in real estate alternatives, portfolio management and custom indexing.

We believe the Americas block is strategically positioned to drive global growth well into the 21st Century. Our principals have worked extensively in both the public and private markets on behalf of institutional investors who seek to optimize their risk-adjusted exposure to the region.


James Anderson

Jamie has twenty years’ experience in the Latin America region and seven years actively managing a private investment fund. He previously worked for AIG Global Investment, Fenix Capital Group (a Deutsche Bank/JER company), Arthur Andersen and others. During his tenure in Mexico City from 1993 to 2000, he participated in virtually all of the distressed portfolio liquidations resulting from the Tequila Crisis of 1994. He has a BA from Denison and an MA from Ohio Unviersity.

Claudio Freitas

Claudio is based in Rio de Janeiro and has been a Member of the CFA Institute since 2001. Claudio has over twenty years in portfolio management and previously worked for WestLB, Lloyds Bank, Banco Fleming and Zacls Investment Research where he oversaw Brazil fundamental research. Claudio has an MSc in Quantitative Finance from the University of London and a BS in Engineering from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.

David R. Young

David has lived and worked in Latin America for over twenty years and has extensive real estate investment and development experience in the region. Previously, David worked for AIG Global Investment, overseeing both the Mexico City and Buenos Aires offices and Heller Financial in Mexico City. David has been involved in over US$1.3 billion of real estate transactions in the region. David received an MIBA from USIU in Mexico City in 1997 and a BA from the University of Delaware.

Our Focus


Tierra Capital Partners LLC is a long-biased private investment manager. We are a bottom-up value investor in the public space and from time to time make strategic direct investments.
We invest in companies that generate above average cash flow, hold a competing edge within their industry and have management teams who are both highly competent but also aligned with the objective of maximizing shareholder value.


Tierra provides custom indices and bespoke investment methodologies for the global Latin America investor. The emergence of local capital has permanently altered the opportunity set for global investors. This trend shift reached an inflection point during the recession, ushering in new alternatives for global investors to achieve lower correlation, liquid exposure via public equities with compelling risk-adjusted metrics.


Report from Latin America: Investing in REITs south of the border

James Anderson, one of the principals at Tierra Partners, a firm that manages a private fund and provides strategic advice to institutional investors targeting Latin America, talks about the economic issues facing the region and why his organization favors investing in REITs rather than private real estate.

Published: January 2015


In this Institutional Real Estate, Inc. piece, Tierra argues that the traditional private equity real estate model appears to be operating behind the curve in Latin America and LPs may be better served exploring alternative means to gaining exposure the segment.

Published: August 2013
By: James Anderson, David Young & Claudio Freitas

Time for a Rethink?

This is the European version of the “Missteps” article published in the US edition of Institutional Real Estate, Inc. but includes a larger discussion about specific alternatives that are available to LPs versus traditional private equity real estate vehicles.

Published: August 2013
By: James Anderson, David Young & Claudio Freitas

Liquidity Premium

This article examines what the implied cost of illiquidity really is for Latin America real estate LPs. The article draws on US research as well as Tierra Partners’ proprietary research. Our research suggests that LPs are not pricing illiquidity cost properly.

Published: November 2012
By: James Anderson, David Young & Claudio Freitas

Brazil Enterprise

Tierra discusses some of the detailed findings regarding our proprietary index weighting methodology as they apply to Brazil real estate equities.

Published: April 2012
By: James Anderson, David Young & Claudio Freitas


James Anderson of Tierra Partners is quoted in connection with Mexico’s burgeoning quasi-public CKD industry. Our view is that while the rise of CKDs is on the whole a natural step.

Published: February 2012
By: James Anderson, David Young & Claudio Freitas

Real Estate Limited Partners

A discussion of the differences between GPs in Mexico and Brazil, centering around macro trends in each market as well recommendations that LPs consider rebalancing away from Brazil.

Published: March 2010
By: James Anderson, David Young & Claudio Freitas

Tierra Partners manages a private fund and provides strategic advisory to institutional investors in the Latin America region. Our principals have extensive experience in alternatives, portfolio management and real estate.


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